The Future of Startups: Non-Equity Based Funding

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Today, we’re here to examine the traditional equity funding model and discuss why startups are moving towards non-equity funding models. We believe that non-equity funding is the future for startups, and here are a few reasons why. First off, it’s essential to understand traditional startup funding. The conventional mainstream approach is the equity funding model.  Most startup accelerators follow …

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How to Start a Subscription Box

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Starting a business can provide many benefits. For one, this endeavor can improve your financial health, as you can earn income every month and gradually build wealth. Starting a business also allows you to work with a flexible schedule and attain work-life balance. But with the number of businesses operating worldwide today, it’s difficult to …

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How to Hire App Developers

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Creating a native app for your business and making it accessible in different app stores can provide many benefits to your business. Publishing an app can improve your business’s efficiency, improve customer relationships, and facilitate new client data retrieval. An app can also become your ticket to building a brand in the industry and hauling …

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Crowdfunding Your Startup

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Starting a business requires a hefty sum of money. Depending on the nature and size of the business you want to start, you might have to shell out thousands or millions of dollars to take your business idea off the ground. While some people have the resources to provide capital on their own, others don’t. …

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