Mobile App Promotion Strategies

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In today’s digital era, it’s essential that startup businesses utilize mobile apps to stand out from the competition, gain more customers, and attain long-term success in the industry. Creating a mobile app might require a lot of resources, such as your time, energy, and effort, but with robust mobile app promotion strategies, all of these …

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What Do You Do If A Friend Is Asking For An Investment?

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Investing in friends’ startups can genuinely be an alluring prospect. You believe in them (of course, because they’re your friend), and you want to be a part of something great. You’ve probably heard Apple and Microsoft’s stories and the other companies that were started by friends and which have now grown to trillion-dollar valuation.  Hey, perhaps …

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Are you a Six Percent Entrepreneur?

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In a Clubhouse room the other night, angel investor and venture capitalist David Rose proposed that there are three types of entrepreneurs.  Type 1: circumstantial entrepreneurs trying to survive and get themselves out of poverty  Type 2: natural-born entrepreneurs  Type 3: self-made entrepreneurs  David goes on to mention that he only invests in Type 2s.  …

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