Top 15 Facebook Groups For Digital Entrepreneurs in 2022 | Robin

The introduction of Facebook Groups has changed how we view and use social media platforms. Brands, businesses, and profit-driven individuals currently use Facebook Groups to sell and do business with other users. While most take advantage of Facebook Groups to widen their reach, a small group of people has grabbed the opportunity to build communities …

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Top 31 Business Podcasts for Digital Entrepreneurs in 2022 | Robin

Here is a compilation of the top business podcasts for determined entrepreneurs who love to commit their time to improve themselves. FYI, every review is taken from Apple podcasts. 1. Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Dumas Aimed to inspire and educate young entrepreneurs, this podcast already hosted over 2,000 interviews. Around 3.5k individuals watch 30-minute …

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Hello world!

Here’s to a new year and a new blog. This blog will cover topics that are useful to startup founders and aspiring startup founders. I hope to share my wins AND my losses, so we can learn from each of them, and try to replicate the wins, while minimizing losses. We’ll discuss whether an MBA …

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