Best Incubators For Startups & Its Benefits

Best Accelerators For Startups

The world is in a state of change. The way we do things, the products and services that we offer, the needs we cater to – these are all changing rapidly.  One such area that has seen radical changes in recent years is the best incubators for startups. What used to be just a place …

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Growth Hack Secrets Season 2 Launch

Welcome back to Season 2 of Growth Hack Secrets. This podcast is for early-stage startup founders who want to level up in their startup game by learning the most cutting-edge techniques from early-stage startup founders, just like you. And in this season, we look into stories of resilient founders, some of their successes, as well …

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LLC or S Corporation – How Should You Set Up Your Startup

LLC Or S Corporation

When considering the type of company you want to establish, various options could work for your business. For example, an LLC or S corporation can help determine what taxes will be filed and how much liability protection each has from lawsuits. Choosing which type is best for your needs requires careful consideration because it’s essential …

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How Do I Start A Podcast For My Startup?

Podcasts have become a staple in life for many people. They are an excellent way to reach listeners on the go, with content that can be easily consumed and digested at any time of day or night.  A podcast is much more affordable than other forms of media when you consider advertising revenue vs. donations …

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How Do Digital Nomads Make Money? – Most In-Demand Nomadic Skills

Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are individuals who have taken remote work to a whole new level by traveling around the world with it. Instead of being tied down at headquarters or in an office building, digital nomads use technology like laptops and cell phones for communication so that they can be freed up to travel wherever necessary …

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Startup Pitch Competitions – Complete Guide On How You Can Win

Startup Pitch Competition

According to most business persons, raising funds remains the most challenging aspect of starting a business.  If you are new to entrepreneurship, you may have only a few or no investors familiar with you. Therefore, you’ll need to persuade an investor to believe in you and provide the necessary capital support, even though you have …

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Phantom Shares/Stocks – Things You Need to Know

Phantom Shares

Phantom shares, also known as phantom stock, is a program whereby key employees receive ownership of a company’s stock without owning it.  In other words, phantom stock is where key employees receive the financial benefits of owning shadow shares of the company, but not actual shares.  Phantom shares are similar to the company’s actual stock …

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Why You Need A Startup Mentor and How To Find The Best One For Your Startup

Need & Importance Of Startup Mentor

As a founder, you are proud of your accomplishments and cannot wait to advance. However, being a startup founder can be isolating as you cannot handle everything in the company. A good support network is essential. We all have mentors, but we don’t often have open conversations about their role in our paths to success. …

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Startup Accelerators: The Ultimate Guide to Taking Your Startup Company’s Idea From Concept to Reality

The Startup Accelerator is a resource for startup founders or entrepreneurs with an idea and the vision to grow it into something huge.  The content of this post will cover everything you ought to know about startup accelerators and other helpful resources that you can use to take your company’s idea from concept to reality.  …

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The Future of Startups: Non-Equity Based Funding in 2022 | Robin Copernicus

Today, we’re here to examine the traditional equity funding model and discuss why startups are moving towards non-equity funding models. We believe that non-equity funding is the future for startups, and here are a few reasons why. First off, it’s essential to understand traditional startup funding. The conventional mainstream approach is the equity funding model.  Most startup accelerators follow …

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