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The introduction of Facebook Groups has changed how we view and use social media platforms. Brands, businesses, and profit-driven individuals currently use Facebook Groups to sell and do business with other users.

While most take advantage of Facebook Groups to widen their reach, a small group of people has grabbed the opportunity to build communities within the social media platform giant to inform, educate, and gather entrepreneurs worldwide.

If you’re a digital entrepreneur searching for a place where you can receive guidance, establish camaraderie, or get the latest news relevant to you, you can choose to join the top 15 Facebook Groups for digital entrepreneurs listed below.

Top 15 Facebook Groups For Digital Entrepreneurs

1. Millennial Entrepreneur Community With Arne Giske

With more than 79.8K members, the Millennial Entrepreneur Community is known as the place to be for startup company founders, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. With 262 posts in the last month alone, this active group is known for its members who share their ideas, current innovations, and collaborations. Members often combine their expertise and knowledge to build relationships and develop new ventures.

Bonus: Click here to listen to Arne sharing his best Facebook group growth hacking secrets on my podcast.

2. ClickFunnels With Russell Brunson

ClickFunnels is the largest group on our list, with 258.3K members and growing. This group provides members with a clear and concise way to start their marketing funnel and serves as a network to connect, share, and learn with other entrepreneurs. This group gets a ton of traffic, with 5,606 posts just in the last month. Members can also get updates on what Russell and ClickFunnels are up to while getting insightful business and marketing ideas.

3. First In Line With Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk made this online community for entrepreneurs to socialize, develop businesses, and share their ideas. With 80.6K members and 61 shared posts in the past month, this community strives to bring value to fellow business owners, hustlers, and entrepreneurs. The group aims to support those getting started on their journey to becoming happier and healthier person while they go after their passion in life.

4. SaaS Founders And Execs Peter Loving

Peter Loving has created this group focusing on SaaS founders and executives. With 205 posts this month and a total of 8.9K members, the SaaS Founders Network is a community where people can share tips, discuss effective solutions, and answer questions about the challenges faced by founders. Members also help one another get closer to their goal of a successful SaaS business.

5. Linkedin Growth Hackers

Based in Paris, France, LinkedIn Growth Hackers is a support group dedicated to boosting their members’ efforts to generate leads on LinkedIn. With 15.4K members in total, entrepreneurs use this group to learn techniques to apply in real-time. Led by Ugljesa Djuric and several other admins, the group has made 148 posts last month, suggesting that they’re quite active in the community.

6. Podcasters’ Support Group

The Podcasters’ Support Group is where people aspire to have their podcasts connect with those who already have a thriving presence. Members mostly discuss tips, ask for help with technical difficulties, and generally support each other as podcasters. Chris Berube, along with others in the admin team, leads this group of 29.0K members. And the best part is that they also schedule meetups to let members know each other in person.

7. GrooveDigital Official

GrooveDigital is one of the most active groups on this list, with 1,968 posts last month. This group is led by co-founders Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta, and admin Chelsey Luikart. Members use this space to encourage, critique and connect. This group currently has 125.0K members.

8. Facebook Ad Hacks

Digital Distillery and Cat Howell created and moderate this group for freelancers, Facebook marketers, and agency owners. It boasts a total of 146.9K members who are very active—1,392 posts have been made in the last month. You’ll often find case studies, new features, hacks, best practices, support questions, and other much-needed guides being continuously shared in this group.

9. Cashflow Tactics: Financial Freedom In 10 Years Or Less

This Facebook Group is highly focused on entrepreneurs looking for financial freedom. Kathryn Jones is just one of the admins who keep this group pumping out valuable information and connecting members to each other with a total of 3.7K members. With 120 posts this month, Cashflow Tactics teaches its members how to commit to results, take action, accept responsibility, and push the limits for a better reality.

10. SaaS Growth Hacks

Aaron S. Krall has filled SaaS Growth Hacks with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business founders. This Facebook Group of 23.1K members addresses SaaS growth questions and shares valuable details about scaling startups and growth hacks. Last month, the group made 575 posts, mostly about successful members and those who are just starting.

11. ManyChat Community

ManyChat Community is your new home to Chat Marketing, where you’ll find 93.6K like-minded members. This group helps its members connect, support, and share the wonders of chatbots and marketing. Mitya Korolev and admin members give their newbies a whole list of resources to get started, so you know you’re in great company if you join this group!

12. Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs

Sergi Mateo created Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs worldwide connect and meet up to discuss anything and everything about the business. This group has more than 57.8K members and has created 45 posts in the last month, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next schedule of real-life meetings and events near you, where everyone is itching to grow their business and expand their network.

13. App Entrepreneurs And Marketing Group

This exclusive group is perfect for people working towards building an app or game. Margery Anthonette Tad-y and the group’s admin team share questions and answers relating to apps and the struggles that developers and entrepreneurs may have. With 29.4K members, the group can be strict regarding what is posted to ensure that the members see only the best content.

14. Digital Nomad Crew Playa Del Carmen And Tulum

The Digital Nomad Crew is a friendly group dedicated to digital nomads heading to Playa del Carmen and Tulum. It has accumulated 201 posts in the past month, and it now has 2.4K members. The idea behind this group came from the duo Claire Summers and Rodrigo Sagastegui. They’re committed to giving every member an experience to remember by providing them with great co-working spaces during their stay.

15. YouTube Ads With Kyle Sulerud

This group was created specifically to discuss everything there’s to discuss YouTube Ads. Its 3.0K members are all free to share tips and tricks related to advertising strategies on YouTube. Finally, this group is a great place for marketing professionals and business owners to connect and exchange ideas.

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