Top 100 Digitally Native Vertical Brands in 2021 by Valuation | Latest List

Digital native vertical brands have quickly become the forefront of commerce. A distaste for major conglomerates and want for deeper more intimate connections with brands are fueling the rise.

DNVBs are now reaching valuations in the billions.

These are the top 100 DNVBs displayed in ascending order based on their current estimated valuation.

Top 100 Digitally Native Vertical Brands by Valuation

1. Snowe

The latest online go-to destination for home goods.

Valuation: $1.26M

2. Ledbury

Richmonde based luxe menswear line that values superb quality.

Valuation: $5M

3. Floyd

Easy to assemble furniture all sustainably manufactured in the USA.

Valuation: $5.6M

4. Greycork

Stylish and easy to assemble alternative to Ikea furniture.

Valuation: $6M

5. TruBrain

Innovative performance food and beverage brand sans the caffeine-induced alertness.

Valuation: $8M

6. Combatant Gentleman

In house designed premium suits, tuxedos, and dress pants.

Valuation: $10M

7. Greats

Premium quality sneakers with classic designs for both men and women.

Valuation: $10M

8. Ora

Health and wellness startup that creates plant and organic supplements.

Valuation: $10M

9. H.V.M.N.

This American company manufactures and sells nootropics products and ketone ester drinks.

Valuation: $12M

10. Pinrose

Toxic-free fragrances that leverage synesthesia to help women find the right scent.

Valuation: $13M

11. Pact Coffee

Hand-roasted coffee made fresh and shipped within seven days.

Valuation: $20M

12. Senreve

Makers of the perfect bag for female professionals.

Valuation: $20M

13. Raden

Well crafted travel cases that combine convenience and smart technology.

Valuation: $21M

14. Frank & Oak

Ethically source eco-friendly clothing for everyone.

Valuation: $30M

15. Beltology

Founded in 2014, this unique belt can stretch 2-3 inches beyond its original length.

Valuation: $33M

16. Monica & Andy

Thoughtful kids apparel that caters to ages 0 to 5T.

Valuation: $36M

17. Bucketfeet

Carries limited edition footwear designs to help unknown artists gain recognition.

Valuation:  $45M

18. Adore Me

NYC based, this brand manufactures and sells women’s sleepwear, swimwear, lingerie, etc.

Valuation: $50M

19. Aloha

Valuation: $50M

Founder Constantin Bisanz’s lineup of full-flavored organic protein drinks, powders, and bars.

20. Boll & Branch

Headquartered in New Jersey, the brand manufactures and sells luxury bedding.

Valuation: $50M

21. Brilliant Bicycle

An uncomplicated way to find great bikes at great prices.

Valuation: $50M

22. Chubbies

Makers of men’s short shorts that come with free three-day shipping.

Valuation: $50M

23. Everlane

A California brand with a mission to sell clothing with transparent pricing.

Valuation: $50M

24. Fame & Partners

Made to order fashion with offices in Sydney and Los Angeles.

Valuation: $50M

25. Food52

One-stop shop for all your food-related needs, like recipes, tools, and equipment.

Valuation: $50M

26. Jack Erwin

Makers of well-crafted men’s dress shoes at extremely competitive retail prices.

Valuation: $50M

27. Koio Collective

Founded on the belief of offering sneakers at accessible prices without sacrificing quality.

Valuation: $50M

28. Kuiu

Direct to consumer approach for hunting and outdoor gear.

Valuation: $50M

29. Mack Weldon

Innovative reinvention of men’s basics, a marriage of smart design and performance fabrics.

Valuation: $50M

30. MeUndies

The first-ever online underwear subscription brand in the market.

Valuation: $50M

31. Ministry of Supply

High-performance workwear for men and women.

Valuation: $50M

32. Mizzen & Main

Clothing line made with refined performance fabrics that are wrinkle-free and moisture-wicking.

Valuation: $50M

33. Moment

A DNVB that offers a selection of camera lenses and mobile phone accessories.

Valuation: $50M

34: Tracksmith

Athletic wear is designed by athletes for athletes.

Valuation: $50M

35. MM.LaFleur

Luxury apparel for professional women.

Valuation: $70M

36. American Giant

American-made goods are sold at affordable prices.

Valuation: $74M

37. Martenero

A brand with a modern perspective that creates watches that are original, fun, and refined.

Valuation: Unknown

38. Brooklinen

Luxury linen brand founded in 2014 by Rich & Vicki Fulop.

Valuation: $100M

39. Brosa

Brosa brings stylish designer furniture and homeware pieces to homes across Australia.

Valuation: $100M

40. Burrow

The top online manufacturer of custom furniture, sofas, and sectionals.

Valuation: $100M

41. Cotopaxi

Sustainable indoor and outdoor goods tied to humanitarian causes.

Valuation: $100M

42. Cuyana

Fashionable accessories and apparel designed with both modern and classic aesthetics.

Valuation: $100M

43. Eloquii

An online destination that celebrates and offers plus-sized clothing and accessories.

Valuation: $100M

44. MVMT Watches

Top-notch minimalist watches and goods without breaking the bank. 

Valuation: $100M

45. Primary

Colorful clothing and apparel that is thoughtfully designed for children.

Valuation: $100M

46. Summersalt

Designer swimwear without the hefty designer price tag.

Valuation: $100M

47. TomboyX

This clothing and accessories brand has the tomboy style down to a tee.

Valuation: $100M

48. Rockets of Awesome

Kids apparel brand that offers direct to consumer goods.

Valuation: $117M

49. Kopari Beauty

Beauty products that embrace a healthy and mindful lifestyle.

Valuation: $120M

50. Indochino

Customers get to play fashion designer when creating tailor-made clothing.

Valuation: $180M

51. Julep

Best known for their innovative line of skincare, makeup, and nail polish sets.

Valuation: $180M

52. Quip

An oral care company that offers goods and professional services.

Valuation: $240M

53. Stadium Goods

Hard to find sneakers and the latest style all in one online hub.

Valuation: $250M

54. Bonobos

Men’s clothing line with emphasis on suits, trousers, denim, etc.

Valuation: $310M

55. Away

A lifestyle and travel brand that’s best known for its luggage designs. This manufacturer and retailer based in New York City managed to raise $31 million.

Valuation: $400M

56. Saatva

New York-based brand founded in 2011 specializing in luxury mattresses.

Valuation: $400M

57. Birchbox

Monthly subscription service that sends women beauty products and makeup.

Valuation: $485M

58. Hungry Root

Unique DNVB for healthy and fresh food customizable food packs.

Valuation: $500M

59. Interior Define

Furniture brand that offers in-depth custom pieces.

Valuation: $500M

60. LOLA

This women-centric brand provides reproductive products for periods to hot flashes.

Valuation: $500M

61. M.Gemi

Artisan-crafted Italian shoes made available directly to consumers.

Valuation: $500M

62. Madison Reed

Proprietary ammonia-free hair coloring products to revolutionize the way women color hair.

Valuation: $500M

63. Outdoor Voices

An active lifestyle brand that was founded in 2014.

Valuation: $500M

64. Parachute

Artisan made designs of modern bedding and bath essentials.

Valuation: $500M

65. Roka Sports

This garage formed brand creates award-winning apparel for athletes.

Valuation: $500M

66. Stance

This t-shirt, underwear, and sock brand was founded in 2009.

Valuation: $500M

67. The Bouqs

A flower delivery service that sources sustainable and eco-friendly floral arrangements.

Valuation: $500M

68. ThirdLove

Intimates brand with real women and real sizes in mind.

Valuation: $500M

69. Tuft & Needle

Honestly priced mattresses from a brand based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Valuation: $500M

70. Dollar Shave Club

LA-based monthly subscription box for razors and grooming products.

Valuation: $1B

71. Glossier

Direct to consumer beauty company that focuses on providing a superior shopping experience.

Valuation: $1B

72. JustFab

A well known online brand that carries a large range of women’s footwear.

Valuation: $1B

73. Harry’s

Founded in 2013, Harry’s is a men’s care brand of exceptional goods at a real value.

Valuation: $1.4B

74. Warby Parker

DNVB for affordable eyewear for all.

Valuation: $1.75B

75. Allbirds

Founded in 2015, the brand focuses on environmentally designed footwear.

Valuation: $10B

76. Casper

An e-commerce brand that sells quality sleep products online and retail.

Valuation: $10B

77. Honest Company

Affordable and eco-friendly products for babies and homes.

Valuation: $10B

78. AYR

AYR, or All Year Round, is a womenswear line that focuses on denim.

Valuation: Unknown

79. Anine Bing

Timeless and modern women’s fashion essentials for the woman of today.

Valuation: Unknown

80. BaubleBar

A jewelry and accessory range founded by Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky.

Valuation: Unknown

81. Bevel

The first and only brand to create a shaving system designed to drastically reduce and prevent irritation.

Valuation: Unknown

82. Black Milk

Online fashion brand that caters to clothing, accessories, and products for women.

Valuation: Unknown

83. David Kind

Professionally hand-selected premium eyewear at affordable prices.

Valuation: Unknown

84. Ernest Alexander

Purveyor of American made modern aesthetic menswear, specializing in clothing and accessories.

Valuation: Unknown

85. Jomers

Menswear with low markups, premium fabrics, and quality construction.

Valuation: Unknown

86. Noble Brewer

A unique club that ships well-curated beer from award-winning brewers.

Valuation: Unknown

87. Pact Underwear

Pact sells ethically manufactured soft organic cotton underwear and socks.

Valuation: Unknown

88. Paul Evans

This luxury shoe brand is designed in New York and made in Italy.

Valuation: Unknown

89. Proper Cloth

Online brand that lets customers design their own dress shirts.

Valuation: Unknown

90. Ratio Clothing

Amazing custom dress shirts with off the rack pricing.

Valuation: Unknown

91. Rebag

One of a kind platform where users can buy and sell luxury bags.

Valuation: Unknown

92. Shinola

Founded by Tom Kartsotis, the brand carries everything from watches, bikes, and leather goods.

Valuation: Unknown

93. Simply Framed

Artsy personalized frames with a variety of photos, prints, and original work to choose from.

Valuation: Unknown

94. Sole Bicycles

An online marketplace for anything bicycle related.

Valuation: Unknown

95. Tea Collection

A clothing line designed for kids with a global aesthetic.

Valuation: Unknown

96. The Clear Cut

Source diamonds online from this 4th generation gemologist ran brand.

Valuation: Unknown

97. Tieks

Versatile designer Italian leather flats women can wear anywhere.

Valuation: Unknown

98. Tommy John

Known makers of the “stay tucked” undershirt guarantee.

Valuation: Unknown

99. Tortuga

Proprietors of carry-on sized backpacks for more efficient travel.

Valuation: Unknown

100. Whipping Post

Crafters of durable leather goods including their unique “picker’s wallet” design.

Valuation: Unknown

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