Top 10 Email Newsletters to Subscribe For Digital Entrepreneurs in 2021

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, and whether you’ve just started or you’ve already got it made, the journey doesn’t stop. It’s the reason why you should still take in every bit of information you can find even if you feel like you already know everything.

For one, you can subscribe to hundreds of free email newsletters to help yourself learn and prevent yourself from stagnating. But of course, you should always prioritize quality over quantity. Only learn from the best and get your information from reliable sources.

Here, we’ve gathered the Top 10 Email Newsletters for Entrepreneurs, where you can find inspiration from companies and individuals at the top of their game.

Top 10 Email Newsletters to Subscribe For Digital Entrepreneurs

1. Neil Patel

Known for his work with Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, Neil Patel has spent his life helping businesses grow with marketing. He shares his expertise in the field through his blog, and currently, it generates three million visitors per month. You can also get a regular dose of new marketing tactics and insights to help you stay on top of your competition by subscribing to his newsletter.

2. SaaS Weekly

Hiten Shah is a leading authority in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. He’s widely renowned for his successes in starting and investing in his three extremely successful SaaS companies. He established his blog to share his expertise in SaaS, growth hacking, business, entrepreneurship, and other topics. His weekly newsletters deliver valuable insights from his experience as an entrepreneur, along with his favorite SaaS readings.

3. Hubspot

Hubspot is the ultimate resource center for every marketer. Their newsletter will prepare you with everything you need—from marketing, CRM, sales, industry trends, etc. You can also get diverse and rich content from them, including ebooks, guides, blog posts, research, and free courses, through their newsletters.

4. Seth Godin

Seth Godin is an entrepreneur, author, and expert known for his inspirational marketing and business insights. His newsletters cut out any unnecessary fluff and go straight to the point. They’re not flashy, and they don’t contain promises of earning quickly—it’s just text that invites you to refresh your mindset and prepare you to solve problems and face the new day ahead.

5. Startup Digest

This personalized newsletter is all about startups in your area. It includes various reading lists and allows you to choose how often you receive emails while subscribing to specific areas of interest. It has a diverse list of startup-related topics, ranging from particular operational tasks to more significant subject matters such as global strategies. Startup Digest can also help you connect with other owners and entrepreneurs around your community.

6. Derek Halpern (Social Triggers)

Derek Halpern is an entrepreneur and expert marketer who has built many successful websites in different niches such as fashion and entertainment. His blog posts and Youtube channel contain professionally made videos centered on evergreen and quality content. His email newsletters contain some of the most indispensable nuggets of wisdom that all entrepreneurs can benefit from. They also contain easy-to-understand content along with images from videos that are created aside from his blogs.

7. FiveMinuteFounder

Louis Nicholls provides insight into the best practices in entrepreneurship through interviews with fellow experts and company founders. His newsletters provide concise and actionable steps to improve your startup by 1% every week. Every email often takes only five minutes to read, hence the name. The emails include real-life examples and everything you need to apply to your own company.

8. Remotely Inclined

Stefan Palios is an entrepreneur and writer who is all about the future of work. He has interviewed over 250 entrepreneurs and has produced more than 1,000 pieces of content as a freelance writer. He publishes Remotely Inclined, a regular newsletter that delivers the ins and outs of remote businesses, and it mostly covers topics such as communication, hiring, systems building, and more. It also features interviews with other remote freelancers and small business owners.

9. Robinhood Snacks

This newsletter is a 3-minute read that provides you with financial news going around in various industries. Robinhood’s team believes that everyone, not just the wealthy, should benefit from the financial system. Hence, the team decided to create a way to deliver easy-to-digest financial news made for everyone. Thus, Robinhood Snack (formerly MarketSnacks) was born. Robinhood designed this newsletter to revolutionize the way people talk about the market by providing relevant and current financial news summaries.

10. The Moz Top 10

This email newsletter sets itself apart from others because it doesn’t use in-house content. The Moz Top ten compiles the best SEO and digital marketing articles from around the web to give their audience all the most useful and engaging content available. Their lists are curated to ensure that all content is well-written and covers various topics to keep users entertained and informed every month.


Our inboxes can become full of random and often non-educational emails, so why not have some great content fill it up for a change? Nothing is stopping you from subscribing to every one of the letters from my list. They all have great information just waiting for you to read. No matter what you’re looking for, I’m sure that you can benefit from any of the choices above.

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