How to Unblock Website on Facebook 2022 (Complete Guide)

Knowing how to unblock Facebook from posting your website URL is important, as billions of individuals worldwide use this social media platform. Not being able to post your website URL here can have adverse effects to the business. This is one of the reasons why every entrepreneur should know how to unblock the website Facebook.

Once you know how to unblock the website Facebook, you won’t have any problems using Facebook ads to reach customers and creating a strong social media presence using your own Facebook page. Having an up-to-date Facebook account that easily redirects to your own website can do wonders for your business.

Contrary to popular belief, being able to unblock the website Facebook and display your website URL on this social media platform doesn’t require complex solutions. As long as you know how Facebook works and why your website URL got blocked, it won’t be long before you can post your website on this social media platform again and enjoy the features of this app.

How to Unblock Website on Facebook

What Happened When Your Website Got Blocked on Facebook?

Before you start looking for solutions on how you can unblock your website on Facebook, it’s vital that you know what happened when your website got blocked on Facebook first. This information will help you determine your errors and figure out how you can improve your strategy so your website won’t get blocked by this social media profile again.

Although Facebook is a social media platform that’s open to everyone and adheres to the Net Neutrality Law, keep in mind that the Facebook team implements certain rules to ensure that the website continues to be safe for all of its users.

And if you want your business to maximize the potential offered by this social media platform, it’s vital that you’re aware of the rules set by the Facebook team and how you can avoid a Facebook block.

Here are the most common reasons a website is blocked from Facebook.

1.   You’re Violating Facebook’s Community Standards

Violating Facebook’s Community Standards

Aside from making sure that Facebook remains a safe community for users, the Facebook team behind this social media platform also implemented rules to ensure that all of the users’ opinions are valued and heard. This social media platform has been created with the intent to allow individuals worldwide to express themselves, which is why certain rules are set in place.

Violating any of Facebook’s community standards is one of the most common reasons why websites get blocked from the social media platform. Generally, website URLs or Facebook profiles that contain content on trading, buying, or selling firearms, marijuana, and non-medical drugs are immediately blocked from Facebook. The same rule applies to URLs that patronize and encourage the sale of alcohol, tobacco, live animals, and human blood.

Moreover, Facebook’s community standards are also programmed to block websites that have content on violence, incitement, hate speech, and nudity. Facebook can also detect the accuracy of content and block websites that contain false news and any Facebook profile that is actually a fake account.

If you’re unfamiliar with Facebook’s community standards, spend some time checking this information online. You can directly access this information from Facebook by tapping on the Help & Support option and then choosing Terms & Policies.

2.   Your Website Didn’t Adapt to Facebook Algorithms

There are many reasons why people around the world continue to use Facebook. Aside from its ability to connect individuals to their distant friends and family, a lot of people are signing up to create a Facebook profile because of its algorithms. These algorithms continuously improve, allowing the social media platform to provide better and more useful features to its users.

Your website’s inability to adapt to these algorithms can also be the answer to the question, “What happened when your website got blocked on Facebook?” As mentioned, Facebook changes its algorithm regularly, and using certain content from your website might trigger this algorithm, resulting in your website being blocked.

For instance, Facebook actually implements an anti-spam algorithm that blocks websites and other online social media platforms if they are posted too often on a Facebook profile. If you’re posting your website on your Facebook profile repeatedly within a short period, your online activities might trigger this algorithm.

For you to know how Facebook algorithms work, make use of resources online and make adjustments to your website accordingly. Most importantly, remember to consistently check for updates, as the algorithm of this social media platform is modified regularly.

  • Your Website Was Maliciously Reported

Businesses, regardless of their niche and target audience, can greatly benefit from Facebook. Using targeted ads on Facebook, for example, will make it easier for any business to market products and services and increase sales.

Countless businesses are using Facebook today, but some take on their competitors by maliciously reporting their websites. Instead of offering high-quality content through this social media platform, some businesses would report their competitor’s websites in an attempt to stand out from the competition and gain more customers. This practice is unprofessional, yet many businesses still practice it to try to get ahead of the competition.

If your website got blocked on Facebook even though you followed Facebook’s community standards and considered its algorithms, businesses that have maliciously reported your website might be the culprit. The more businesses that report your website, the sooner your website will get blocked.

  • Your Website Contains Malware

The accessibility of the World Wide Web is one of the reasons why countless individuals are using this social media platform every single day. Because it’s accessible, people can now communicate with their peers regardless of their location and acquire information from millions of sources.

However, the accessibility of the World Wide Web is also the reason why websites are now being infected with malware, especially those that have weak firewalls or don’t use any firewall at all. This is malicious software that can cause severe damage to any computer network, client, or server. When left unresolved, malware can also cause computers to shut down, crash, and continuously display error messages.

Facebook will also block websites that have been hacked and use harmful code. As mentioned, Facebook was made to be a safe community for its users, and providing access to websites with malware will defeat the purpose of the social media platform.

If you suspect that your website has malware and is the reason why it’s blocked on Facebook, use a URL scanner and check if your website has been flagged for malware. If confirmed, you can make changes to your website to keep it more secure by performing updates regularly, investing in an up-to-date firewall, using SSL and HTTPS, and enforcing strong passwords.

How to Unblock Your Website That Was Blocked on Facebook

Not being able to post your site URL on Facebook can result in loss of customers and profits. A website is a powerful tool that can do many things for your business, but it can eventually become useless if it’s blocked by Facebook.

Once you’ve confirmed that Facebook blocked your website, start looking for solutions on how to unblock your website that was blocked on Facebook right away. Leaving this problem unaddressed can cause bigger problems for your business. Waiting for days or weeks before taking any actions to unblock your website’s URL will cause your business to lose a lot of resources.

If you’re still clueless on how to unblock your website that was blocked on Facebook, follow these tips:

1.   Adhere to Facebook’s Community Standards

Contrary to popular belief, unblocking one’s website on Facebook doesn’t always require specific tools or skills. More often than not, this problem can be resolved by merely following instructions.

If you’re asking, “How do you unblock your blocked website URL on Facebook free of cost?” the answer is this: change the content of your website based on Facebook’s community standards. One of the easiest yet effective ways of unblocking your website from being blocked by Facebook is to review the Facebook community standards and make sure that you adhere to every single one. You can do this by making sure that all of the blog URLs you create and publish are safe and respectable for all users. Most importantly, you should only post content that is accurate and well-researched, because content not supported by statistics or studies can be flagged against the Facebook community standards.

Facebook’s community standards can also change, so don’t forget to regularly check for updates from your browser. It’s best if you make constant changes to your website’s URL and its content to better suit the social media platform’s community standards rather than wait for your website to be blocked before you take action.

  • Submit Your Website for Reconsideration Online

If you’ve gone through Facebook’s community standards and can’t see any violations on your website, submit your website for reconsideration through your browser. This is the best option to take once you’re confident that your website follows Facebook’s community standards.

To submit your website for reconsideration, find the Facebook Debugger tool (located on the developer section of the social media platform) and enter your website’s URL. Hit enter and wait for a couple of minutes as the tool confirms whether or not your website was indeed blocked on Facebook.

In the confirmation message, there will be a phrase, “let us know.” Click on that phrase to be redirected to a form where you can submit an explanation of why your website should be unblocked. Depending on why your website got blocked, you can mention here how you have been compliant with Facebook’s community standards or how your website was maliciously reported even though your content was accurate and decent.

If you have violated any community standards but have improved or removed that content, you can also mention the changes you’ve made on this page. There are no timelines set as to how soon Facebook should reply to requests for reconsiderations sent to their support inbox. More often than not, businesses receive a reply after a week or a few months, but some don’t get a response at all. You can expedite the process of your request for reconsideration by checking for updates regularly or sending another request if you think that you’ve been waiting too long.

  • Submit Your Website for Reconsideration on the Phone

Creating a website isn’t an easy feat, which is why some owners and developers would choose to unblock their websites using solutions that involved human interactions. For some, this option will give them peace of mind and reassurance that their problems are taken care of.

If you’re leaning towards the same direction in unblocking your website on Facebook, you can chat with a representative from the social media platform. Generally, you can send a message addressed to their support inbox, and representatives from Facebook will respond to your messages in less than two minutes.

To ask for help from a representative on Facebook about your website’s URL being blocked, follow the steps below:

  • Look for “Still Need Help?,” “Find answers,” or “contact support” on the website.
  • Once you’re redirected, click on “get started” and then select the “Policy & Account Security” option.
  • Click on the page and choose “Chat with a representative” from the options available.
  • After clicking the chat button, you’ll be required to fill out a form so the Facebook Support Team will have an idea of your concern or issue.

Besides getting an immediate response, chatting with a representative will also help you determine why your website got blocked on Facebook. The information that the representatives share will enable you to enhance your website.

  • Invest in the Right Services

While Facebook uses an updated algorithm, keep in mind that it’s still not perfect. There will still be instances where websites get blocked through no fault of your own. These situations can be very frustrating, especially if you’re confident that you followed all of the Facebook community standards and spent a lot of resources creating a high-quality and appealing website.

If you want to unblock your website on Facebook fast, you can pay for specific services, such as to help you out. These services are very cost-effective because these guarantee to unblock your website on Facebook within 30 days, or you can get your money back. These services are also a godsend if you don’t have the time to carefully review the community standards of Facebook or send a reconsideration request regularly on your browser.

Watch out for tools and services that promise to help you unblock but do not have a good seller reputation. Most services promise to unblock your site within 24 hours just to take your money. These services typically overpromise and underdeliver.

What happened when I was blocked

“My store was blocked for 3 months before I was able to get it unblocked.

It was super embarrassing when my customers would tell me Facebook considered my website spam.

I even bought a new domain name as part of my plan to re-brand to get my store viewable from Facebook and Instagram again.

Through my experience I was able to discover how to QUICKLY get websites unblocked from Facebook.

Now my team and I have helped hundreds of business owners, just like you, unblock their URLS and save their brands.”

Maximize Facebook

Facebook can do wonders for businesses. For small and new businesses, Facebook can even become their ticket to leveling the playing field and creating a positive brand that can entice customers worldwide. This social media platform will also make it easier for businesses to engage with customers through chats, comments, and personal messages.

For you to maximize the features of Facebook, check your website regularly and make sure that it’s not blocked from this social media platform. Use services such as the moment you notice that your website is blocked so you can jumpstart your business’s growth and success in the industry through Facebook!

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