How To Launch A Starlink-like Startup in 2022 With An MVM

How could we apply the GPDS framework to building startups to creating something like Starlink? 

A quick review of GPDS (from my book Minimum Viable Mockup): 

  • Grow a customer list 
  • Presell a minimum viable mockup 
  • Develop solution 
  • Scale solution 
How To Launch A Starlink-like Startup With An MVM

1. Grow a customer list for Starlink 

In the case of Starlink (Space X’s satellite internet service), I would go the B2B route since D2C would be a long process.

Instead of going to investors (like in the traditional method), the first step in the Vertical Method is to find customers who could benefit most from this product — The ones with a piggy bank and willing to be an early adopter in a beta release. 

Let’s say for this product, we discover that we should target government agencies and verticalize our offer for that niche.  

We then go out and grow a list of people who are decision-makers at these agencies. 

2. Presell a minimum viable mockup 

Once we have our customer list, we test product-market fit by preselling a mock-up of what we’re building. 

Instead of spending all of our capital to fund development first, we create the marketing materials (the mockup) and test it against our customer list. 

From this process, we will immediately learn what works and what doesn’t. 

We get the benefit of customer feedback. 

We learn how to make a product before we even build it. 

This means we lower the risk of wasted resources. 

3. Develop Starlink solution 

After we’ve determined product-market fit, we presell our customers to begin developing the initial prototype. 

This smaller launch allows us to concentrate our efforts on a customer base that “gets it”— they get the product is a work in progress and they are happy to help shape its future. 

4. Scale solution 

Finally, once you work out most development issues, it’s time to scale

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