How to Hire App Developers in 2022 | Top 5 Ways Guide

Creating a native app for your business and making it accessible in different app stores can provide many benefits to your business. Publishing an app can improve your business’s efficiency, improve customer relationships, and facilitate new client data retrieval. An app can also become your ticket to building a brand in the industry and hauling in more customers in the long run.

Your business can enjoy countless benefits with an app, but building one requires professional help. If you want your app to stand out in the app store, you need to invest in the services of an app developer. Mobile app development requires skills and tools, and only an app developer can provide these for your business to have one of the best apps.

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As the name suggests, an app developer is a computer engineer software who is responsible for creating and testing apps for different devices, like tablets, computers, and mobile phones. Mobile app developers usually work in teams and build iOS apps or Android apps based on your needs.

How to Hire App Developers

Where Can You Hire an App Developer?

Hiring a team of mobile app developers is a cost-effective investment, as they can start building an app the moment you have an app idea. Just be sure you have your customer list built out first.

You can rely on them to accomplish the entire process of app development. Their services will save you a lot of time and money, especially if your business has never created or published an app in the past.

Now that you know how vital the services of app developers are, it’s now time to know where you can find these professionals. This is one of the most important steps in mobile app development because the Android or iOS app developer you’ll hire will significantly influence the success of your app project. Regardless of how unique your app idea is, if no one from your team has the skills and tools to transform the idea into reality, your business won’t be able to use any apps.

If you’re wondering where you can hire an app developer, fret not, because there are actually many platforms made for this purpose. With a little research, it won’t be long before you can find the perfect mobile app coder who can take on your app project.

Along with social media, some of the best websites to find and hire a freelance app developer are listed below.

1. Upwork

Since its birth in 2015, Upwork has become one of the most popular online platforms for freelancers worldwide. This platform allows you to discover and connect with millions of freelance app developers who are located in different parts of the globe.

It’ll be easier for you to hire a mobile app developer when you use Upwork because its algorithms are designed to help you filter through millions of profiles and find an app developer based on the skills that you’re looking for. You can also narrow down candidates by checking their completion scores and performance reviews in their profiles.

Aside from connecting you to countless freelance app developers, Upwork is also beneficial for entrepreneurs like you because it uses a payment protection system. With this, you’ll be able to see the computer screen of the freelancer you’ve hired every ten minutes. This will allow you to determine whether they’re working or not and only pay them based on the number of hours they’ve worked for you.

2. DevTeam.Space

DevTeam.Space is one of the greatest and biggest platforms when it comes to hiring developers. Unlike other online platforms, DevTeam.Space is solely dedicated as a community created for top app specialists. You can easily hire an individual who has the skills and experience to take on your app project or opt to hire a team of freelance app developers. 

DevTeam.Space also uses AI-powered software, so you can easily find candidates who perfectly match the skills you’re looking for. This works because of the DevTeam.Space has developer allocation teams that go through your project specifics and then pick developers that meet your qualifications. This will save you a lot of time from going through thousands of applications manually.

Moreover, this platform uses a tracking system that enables you to see how candidates are performing and what kind of app projects they were able to accomplish in the past. With this information, you can easily find an app developer who is qualified and ready to accomplish any of your app projects.

3. Toptal

Founded in 2010, Toptal is a relatively new platform for finding freelance app developers but is starting to make waves because of its growing number of members. Today, Toptal is one of the best sources of UI/UX experts and app developers.

One of the biggest benefits you can get when you use Toptal for looking for freelance app developers is having access to the company’s elite group of developers. These individuals have become part of the platform after successfully going through comprehensive tests and vetting stages and have worked on major app projects. Getting applicants from this group will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re only getting some of the world’s most competitive app developers for your project.

If you want to find the best freelance app developers fast, then using Toptal should be on top of your to-do list.

4. Hired

While some entrepreneurs are tech-savvy, others are not. Instead, they choose to hire a freelance developer using a platform that’s easy to use. If you’re one of the latter, Hired is a great option, because this platform offers a straightforward process in finding and hiring top developers for your app project.

Hired uses a customized matching software that makes it very easy for you to find and connect with candidates who possess skills and experience suitable to your app project. This platform also allows you to request interviews with the candidates you’ve shortlisted, which means that the entire recruitment process happens on the same platform. 

If you want to attract as many app developers as possible, you should definitely post your project on Hired, as this can become your avenue to find highly specialized developers (with at least two years of professional experience).

5. Gigster

Gister is a bigger recruitment platform founded in 2015 that allows entrepreneurs like you to easily hire app developers. This platform currently has thousands of members, all with extensive experience relating to app creation and development.

Unlike other recruitment platforms, Gigster qualifies its members, which means that hiring an app developer from the website will save you from a lot of stress, as they can deliver app projects based on your set timeline and specifications. Moreover, Gigster also offers project management for its freelancers and their employers, saving you time and money from hiring someone who will monitor the progress of your newly-hired freelancers.

Another benefit you can get from Gigster is its ability to expedite project assembly and delivery. Freelancers on this platform follow AI-assisted processes to ensure that your mobile app is assembled fast without compromising quality. Gigster also provides a code library to its freelancers to help them expedite their coding process, so they can submit app projects to you as quickly as possible.

As you can see, there are many websites that will make it very easy for you to hire mobile app developers. Regardless of if you’re looking for an app developer for iOs or Android, these websites will surely provide options.

However, when choosing an app developer, it’s not enough that you only consider their accessibility. More importantly, you should assess their experience and use that information to determine if they’re a fit for your app project.

What Skills Should I Look for in a Freelance App Developer Before Hiring?

The websites mentioned in the previous section will allow you to access thousands and even millions of mobile developers and web developers who can build your app from scratch. These websites can provide so many candidates that you’ll be clueless on what to consider when shortlisting them and deciding who to hire. The number of options available can become too overwhelming, and you’ll see yourself stuck in the process.

For you to easily narrow down your options and end up hiring an experienced developer that fits your requirements, pay attention to the skills of your candidates. Ideally, you should list down a set of technical skills and coding skills before posting any job vacancies online, as these can help you determine which developers fit the needs of your business.

But regardless of if you’re looking for a web developer, iOS developer, or Android developer, it’s crucial that you only consider candidates who possess the following skills.

What Skills Should I Look for in a Freelance App Developer Before Hiring?

1. Analytical Skills

In its simplest sense, analytical skills refer to the ability of a person to gather and analyze information and make decisions based on that information. It’s crucial for any app developer to have analytical skills, as this will enable them to understand what a specific target audience needs in an app and create features based on those needs.

It’ll be challenging for any developer to succeed in their efforts if they lack analytical skills. The more efficient a developer is at analyzing how individuals use their apps, the easier it’ll be for them to create a functional and appealing app.

2. Knowledge of Programming Languages

Programming languages are sets of instructions, commands, and syntaxes that are essential in building a software program. Some of the most common languages are JavaScript, Objective-C, C++, and C#. Swift, Scala, and Python are also becoming more popular among developers today, as these are more modern and user-friendly.

Depending on the app you want your developers to build, you can choose to hire someone who has extensive experience with working with one programming language or hire someone who is well-versed in many.

If you’re planning to hire an Android developer, make sure to hire someone who has experience using Java. If you’re looking for an iOS developer to join your team, look for someone who has used Objective-C in the past. You can also choose to hire a native developer, as their skills are suitable for apps available on mobile and desktop.

3. Strong Communication Skills

Contrary to popular belief, individuals who build apps from scratch don’t work alone. In fact, mobile developers and web developers have to consistently communicate with a lot of people to ensure that they’ll end up creating the right app for their clients.

When deciding which developer to hire, look for someone who possesses strong communication skills. They should be able to ask you the right questions to know what you want for your app and then give out suggestions to let you know whether your goals for the app are realistic or not. They should also provide suggestions in cases where your ideas aren’t feasible in the app you’re trying to build or suggest better ideas whenever available. 

Two-way communication between you and the developer you hire can influence the success of your app project, so make sure that you work with someone who communicates properly.

Moreover, communication is also vital for the mobile developer or web developer you hire because there will be instances when they have to explain terms and applications to non-technical clients or team members. Without communication, it’ll be challenging for the developer to collaborate with other people and create an app that incorporates the ideas of others.

4. Problem Solver

Developing an app is a long process because developers have to go through several trials and errors to come up with the app that suits their needs and budget. Usually, the developers have to test the app countless times to detect any problems and address them. Regardless of how experienced the developers are, it’ll be challenging for them to create the perfect app for the first time.

Being able to recognize and solve technical problems is crucial when creating all sorts of apps, which is why you should only hire someone who possesses problem-solving skills. Working with a developer who has these skills will enable your business to provide users with an app that’s flawless and works smoothly.

Moreover, a developer who possesses strong problem-solving skills will also know the common pain points of your target audience and come up with features for your app that solve these problems.

5. Creative

Businesses creating apps today are no longer new. Because of advancements in technology, it’s hard to find businesses that don’t have any web-based or mobile apps today.

For your app to stand out from the competition, hire a developer who is creative. Mobile developers and web developers should be creative enough to create a unique app that suits the needs of your target audience, regardless of how stiff the competition is. The developer you hire should also know how to put themselves in the shoes of users and think about how these users can incorporate this app into their daily routine.

Aside from having the tech skills to be creative, the developer you hire should also have an open mind to consistently staying creative. Working with creative developers will allow your app to be unique yet functional at the same time.

6. Quality User Interface Design

An effective mobile development strategy doesn’t only include creating an app that’s functional to users; this app should also be appealing to them. How an app looks can actually affect a user’s decision to continue using the app or to take actions, such as submitting information or buying products from the app. The appearance of your app can also affect your branding and the kind of image you want to create in the market.

When hiring a developer, choose someone who has experience with creating quality user interface designs. This skill is vital, as it can make or break customer satisfaction, increase user involvement, and create a strong link between your users and the app.

Ideally, the developer you hire should have good utilization of a unified color strategy and know how to create an app that loads fast and is responsive. Knowing how to use and incorporate activity indicators in the app is also an important skill to look for in a developer.

A developer who possesses skills relating to user interface design will allow your business to create an app that clarifies your vision is easy to navigate and provides an optimal on-screen experience to all of its users.

7. The Experience in Cyber Security

The accessibility of the World Wide Web is like a double-edged sword. It allows entrepreneurs to reach and engage with customers using various online platforms, but on the other side of the coin, the accessibility of the internet makes it easier for hackers to steal information. Hackers are using data-stealing malware today to steal your data and passwords without you knowing.

If you want your app to be out of any hacker’s radar, look for a developer who also has experience in cybersecurity. This skill is vital to ensuring that any information encrypted in the app stays confidential. Moreover, this skill is beneficial to ensuring that any content used in your app remains secure and yours after publishing it in different app stores.

The developer you hire should have a background in application security, disaster recovery, and end-user education. Someone who has experience in operational security can also become an asset in your app development strategy.

What Is the Price Structure Your App Developers Charge for Native App Development?

Now that you know where to find experienced developers and what skills to consider to shortlist candidates, it’s now time to plan for the financial aspect of your app development process. Hiring a professional or team to create a gaming app or other types of apps will always require money from your pocket, which is why you should be financially prepared.

Your ability to set and stick to a realistic budget plays a vital role in your mobile app development process. Finding and hiring the best app developers will be useless if you don’t have enough money to pay for their services. Conversely, hiring developers even if you still don’t have enough budget for it, will result in unfinished projects and a lot of stress.

If you want your mobile app development process to be successful, you should know what the price structure your app developers charge for native app development is and what the other costs are involved in the project. With this information, you can easily prepare a budget and ensure that your business can afford to pay developers who can create the best app.

Mobile app development costs vary because there are several factors to consider, but according to research, the average price of an app ranges between $38,000 to $91,000. A medium complexity app will require you to spend between $55,550 and $131,000. A complex app, on the other hand, can range from $91,500 to $211,000.*

Aside from the complexity of the app, the timeframe of when you need your app to work also affects the cost. If you want your app developers to come up with a design and then build an app within three months, expect that you’ll have to pay them more. The more urgent the need is, the more money you’ll have to spend on your mobile app development process.

Aside from those mentioned, the factors listed below can also affect your mobile app development cost.

1. Functionality and Features

If you’re wondering what the price structure your app developers charge for native app development is, think about the features you want your app to have. How functional you want your app to be and the complexity of its features are drivers of mobile app development costs.

For example, if you want your app to have some file uploading features, expect that you’ll have to pay at least $800 on top of the fee of your developers. Profile completion features cost around $920, profile editing features are $1,880, and basic messaging is about $6,400. Incorporating push notifications on your app will require you to spend $1,000 more, and a search option is for $520.*

If you’re eyeing to build a bigger app, one that provides admin control to its users, expect that you’ll have to pay more. A basic admin panel with user management costs at least $2,640, while an admin panel with payment management starts at $920.*

2. Personalization of Visual Design

As mentioned, it’s not enough that app developers only work on the functionality of your app; they should also pay attention to how your app looks, as this can create an impression and affect user experience. If you’re building a gaming app, for example, it’ll be challenging for you to gain more users if it looks boring.

You can also instruct your developer to personalize the visual design of your app, but keep in mind that this service will also increase your app’s cost. User interface design is a taxing and time-consuming process that will require more effort from your developers, which means that you’ll also have to pay them more. This is especially true if you want your app to contain several design elements, such as checkboxes, icons, input fields, and radio buttons.

Incorporating the principles of visual design into your app can be very complex, as the developers you hire will have to consider scale, visual hierarchy, balance, contrast, and gestalt.

4. Platform

The platform that your app supports can also affect your mobile app development cost, which is why you should decide whether you’re going to create an app for iOS, Android, or both early on. If you’re still having a hard time choosing which platform to use, consider the market share of each platform, programming languages used, and device fragmentation and prevalence.

There’s no price difference when you create an app for iOS or Android, but if you want your app to support both operating systems, expect to pay more for mobile app development. This happens because creating an app for both iOS and Android will require you to hire different app developer teams. Working with two different teams can double up your mobile app development cost, especially if you want users of each platform to access several features through your app.

5. Location of Your Developers

If you’re going to outsource the developers who will work on the app, consider their location and structure, as these can also influence your app cost. Hiring developers from the United States will require you to pay different hourly rates compared to when you hire developers from Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Developers from the United States are actually the most expensive, while developers from Asia charge the least.

Although it can be tempting to hire the cheapest developers in an attempt to save money on your app’s cost, it’s best if you don’t jump to making this decision right away. Hiring the cheapest developer can actually cost you more money, especially if they’re not able to fulfill your vision, as you’ll end up hiring another person to fix mistakes.

How Many Developers Does It Take to Make an App?

Contrary to popular belief, making an app isn’t a one-man show. Regardless of if you want your app to be accessible on iOS or Android devices, expect that you’ll have to hire a team to create a functional app from start to finish. There are several facets to the app development process, and each of these facets requires different persons with different skill sets.

To give an idea of how many developers it takes to make an app, take note of the list provided below. Your app development team should compose of the following personalities:

How Many Developers Does It Take to Make an App?

1.   Business Analysts

Before any software engineer starts to work on your app, you need to meet with business analysts first. These individuals are some of the most important persons on your app development team, as they’re responsible for creating a detailed business analysis that will give the team an idea of what kind of app best fits the needs of your business. Business analysts are also responsible for analyzing your competitors, so you’ll end up with an app that’s different and functional.

Having a business analyst on your app development team is crucial because they’re in charge of the entire planning phase of your app. As long as your concerns are properly communicated to business analysts, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your app will turn out great.

Moreover, business analysts usually have years of experience with planning apps, and working with them early on will prevent your business from spending more money. They can also minimize misunderstandings throughout the entire app development process.

2.   Software Developer and Engineer

A software developer holds another role in your app development team, as they research, design, and implement software programs. The software developer of your app development team closely works with the business analyst to ensure that the team creates an app that fits the requirements of the client.

A software engineer, on the other hand, maintains your app once it’s up and running and makes updates whenever necessary. They work by testing and evaluating new programs to assess whether it’s ready to be released or needs any type of improvement.

App developer salary usually depends on their experience and the app you want them to build for your business. As mentioned in another section of this article, the more complex you want your app to be, the more money you’ll have to pay for your app development.

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3.   UI/UX Designer

The visual design of your app can significantly affect its success once published in different app markets. The appearance of your app is one of the first things people will see when they launch your app, and if they don’t find anything interesting, they will likely hit the close button or even delete your app.

To ensure that these don’t happen, include a UI/UX designer on your app development team. These designers are responsible for researching and evaluating user requirements and then using this information to make an app that provides the best user experience. UI/UX designers also have the skills and experience to design apps that look good and trigger the emotions of the users.

4.   Mobile App Engineer

Different platforms will require different codes from your app. More often than not, you’ll have to use different programming languages when you want your app to support iOS devices, Android devices, or both.

To ensure that your app is accessible to the platform you want to use, hire a mobile app engineer to join your app development team. Mobile app engineers primarily work by building and publishing apps based on the techs and peculiarities required in each platform.

5.   Project Managers

Entrepreneurs usually have a lot of things on their desks, especially when their businesses are still small or new. If you fit this qualification, you’ll have to monitor different facets of your business to ensure that your daily operations are running smoothly.

For you to avoid stress from handling different responsibilities at the same time, opt to hire project managers. These are individuals who coordinate the work of your entire app development team so that you don’t have to. Your project managers will ensure that your app is delivered on time and all of the requirements set before the start of the project are met.

By hiring the right project manager, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and money, as they can implement approaches that can help reduce app development costs without sacrificing the quality of your app.

How Can You Stop a Freelance App Developer From Stealing Your App Idea?

With the number of apps on the market today, your app idea can become your ticket to creating something unique and functional. Sure, businesses can create fitness apps, but your app idea will enable you to incorporate features that aren’t available from other apps on the market. Your app idea is important, which is why you should protect it from anyone who attempts to steal it.

Even though you’re going to hire a freelancer to help you create an app, there will be instances where these people will be the ones to commit idea theft and claim your idea as their own. When this happens, your efforts to come up with an idea for your app will go down the drain. Instead of earning profits and users, you’ll end up losing a lot more.

If you don’t want a freelancer to steal your app idea, follow the tips listed below.

1.   Always Use Non-Disclosure Agreements

Hiring a freelance developer can be very convenient, as there are countless websites that allow you to easily connect with them. Additionally, hiring a freelancer can help your business save money, as you only have to pay them one time and not worry about their monthly salary and other benefits.

If you don’t want a freelance developer who is working alone or in a company to steal the ideas you have for your app, always use non-disclosure agreements or NDAs before working with them. Make sure to hand out a copy to the developer before you start working with them and giving out any specifics about your ideas.

Non-disclosure agreements are legally binding documents to ensure that all of the information you shared with the freelancer is kept between the two of you. When a freelancer affixes their signature on the NDA, it means that they agree not to share or reuse any information gained from the project.

2.   Copyright Your App

Copyrighting your app is a great way to protect your intellectual property and ensure your ownership over it. However, copyright doesn’t provide protection to an idea – you can only file a lawsuit against a freelancer if your ideas were used to create an app and no variation was made.

Copyrighting your app is less expensive than other options and provides you protection against freelance developers and other individuals who want to copy your app. Copyrighting your app also makes you eligible for statutory damages, costs of suit, and attorney fees. This will enable your business to save tons of cash in the long run.

3.   Carefully Choose Professional Relationships

Coming up with a unique idea can be very exciting, especially if you’re confident that your idea is unique and no other app has it. Being able to come up with something that’s new on the market will surely attract users and boost your profit.

But regardless of how tempting it is to share your app idea with every freelancer you come across, it’s best if you keep mum. Carefully choosing professional relationships is essential to ensuring that your idea won’t be available to the public.

Ideally, you should screen several freelance developers before deciding which one to hire. You should only entrust your ideas to freelancers and companies that are known for their integrity and reputation in the industry.

Think Long-Term

Finding app developers is a long process that will require your time and effort. After finding online platforms that allow you to connect with the best developers in the world, you have to narrow down your options, so you’ll end up hiring someone or a team that perfectly suits the demands of your business. The recruitment stage alone will require you to go through countless applications and give out paid tests to shortlisted candidates.

The process of finding the best developer isn’t easy, but if you want your app to provide the best benefits for your business, you should be ready to go through this process. Finding app developers might be stressful, but once you’ve found the right person or team, you’ll realize that all of your efforts are worth it! 

* These estimates are accurate as of March 2021.

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