Hello world!

Here’s to a new year and a new blog.

This blog will cover topics that are useful to startup founders and aspiring startup founders.

I hope to share my wins AND my losses, so we can learn from each of them, and try to replicate the wins, while minimizing losses.

We’ll discuss whether an MBA is good for would-be entrepreneurs, getting angel investors, startup accelerators, pitching to venture capitalists, hiring developers, finding cofounders, getting your first customers, launching, developing business plans, startup legal issues, startup valuation, startup tools, and most importantly digital native vertical brands.

The new trend is launching Digitally Native Vertical Brands.

DNVBs can help you launch your business without relying on investor capital, while allowing you to live a happy life. 

Because you deserve to live a life filled with magic.

If you want to read more about DNVBs then stay tuned.

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