Growth Hack Secrets Season 2 Launch

Welcome back to Season 2 of Growth Hack Secrets. This podcast is for early-stage startup founders who want to level up in their startup game by learning the most cutting-edge techniques from early-stage startup founders, just like you. And in this season, we look into stories of resilient founders, some of their successes, as well as challenges in their business, what they’re doing, what is working, what hasn’t worked.

So we can all learn from each other and raise the floor for everyone involved. What I’ve learned is that in the past, when I was first starting my business, I would go look at what all the unicorn founders were doing. I would read all the books by Peter Thiel. I went out and got an MBA. And what I found is that those strategies and techniques are antiquated because what might’ve worked for them 10 or 20 years ago just doesn’t work anymore today.

Now as I’m scaling my business to seven figures in profit per year, as well as mentoring a number of startups to do the same. One of the things that I’ve learned is that the best way to learn about what works right now is to learn from other founders that are actually out there doing this, making their dreams come true.

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In Season 2 of Growth Hack Secrets we have the following guests as our launch partners:

Growth Hack Secrets Season 2 Guests:

1. How to grow your customer list organically with Alex Malebranche:

Alex Malebranche, the founder of PlaneAhead, talks about how he started his travel startup and highlighted his business’s momentum from the early adopters who passed along his offer to their friends and coworkers.

Learn Alex’s growth hack secret to start getting traction and being on the verge of attracting investors from a position of strength.

Here’s a sneak preview…

“I think it’s just building trust. So many new companies that come on the scene might take people a little to say, okay, I will give you my money.

I remember reading a customer review… So I asked them, “Hey, can I use your customer story?” And they said, yes.

And in that dialogue with them back and forth, they told me when I first signed up, I thought it was a little too good to be true.”

Listen to Alex’s full episode.

2. How to increase your email click-through rates with Adrian Savage:

Adrian Savage, the founder of Deliverability Dashboard, talks about how to make sure that your emails are going to that coveted priority tab and how you can increase your click-through rates.

Learn Adrian’s growth hack secrets to having successful email performance.

Here’s a sneak preview…

“With iOS 15, Apple has introduced a new feature called email privacy.

And that means that anyone who uses clients on their iPhone that iPad, or MacBook will be able to tell apple to block marketers’ ability to view whether they’ve opened the emails or not what they’re going to do. 

So it means that we have to change how we look at open rates and engagement and all that kind of thing. So there’s a major shift coming.

But a lot of people see it as a bad thing, but. So, yeah, you can always view a challenge as a challenge or an opportunity.”

Listen to Adrian’s full episode.

3. What is ethical shopping with Maryclaire Manard:

Maryclaire Manard, the founder of Cluey Consumer, talks about the impact ethical shopping has in today’s world and how consumerism is becoming more informed and conscious of purchases every day.

Learn Maryclaire’s growth hack secret to creating action by unifying impact-conscious consumers.

Here’s a sneak preview…

“When I say values, values relate to things outside of your typical consumer considerations, such as price and product efficacy, but values-based shopping is becoming a new thing.

And I would say it’s significantly spearheaded by the younger consumers, such as the millennials and Gen Z generations of consumers and corporations now recognize that they have to respond to that new consumer set, whether it’s becoming more vocal on social issues or changing their practices in terms of how they impact the environment.

Corporations are recognizing that this is now part of the consumer purchasing consumer decision-making process when buying. If enough consumers are acting, then that can significantly change a corporation’s bottom line.”

Listen to Maryclaire’s full episode here.

4. How to nurture a young industry in an emerging market with Vincent Chaglasyan:

Vincent Chaglasyan, the founder of Expy, talks about what it takes to build and run a startup in India.

Learn Vincent’s growth hack secrets to dealing with the obstacles of nurturing a young industry in an emerging market.

Here’s a sneak preview…

 “And that’s really the challenge we faced at first was understanding how to navigate across the creator space in India because it is very young, and it’s even harder to try operating in a young industry in an emerging market. 

So it’s like playing almost with two different obstacles at the same time. 

So yeah, I’d say that was our biggest challenge, to figure out from the monetization component, which we’re still figuring out, but now we’re getting closer to having something far more consistent coming in.”

Listen to Vincent’s full episode.

5. The future of the real estate marketplace with Christine Kim:

Christine Kim, the founder of Village, talks about innovations and challenges in the real estate marketplace, particularly for the social media generation.

Learn Christine’s growth hack secret to tending towards a niche’s needs to attract demand naturally.

Here’s a sneak preview…

“I’ve realized in a real estate marketplace is that there aren’t really consumer-centric brands out there.

So what do I mean by that? Every real estate marketplace thus far in existence focus on the supply side. So their whole thing is to get as much supply on their platform, and the supply will drive the demand.

And so, I think a lot of these marketplaces have made the user side kind of an afterthought. 

And so what we’re doing differently here is making it consumer centric focusing on the demand first, and allowing the tools that we have on our platform to draw in the demand before we chase go chase after all.”

Listen to Christine’s full episode.

6. How to find jobs at rapid-growth startups with Bob Goodwin

Bob Goodwin, the founder of Career Club, talks about the hardships of job searching and transitioning. 

Learn Bob’s growth hack secret to networking your way into a community where you belong while job searching.

Here’s a sneak preview…

“You only have one time around the track. In life. And why are you spinning it doing something that you don’t like, or with people that you don’t like, or you don’t care about? What you’re doing, or you’re under-compensated, or whatever the issue is that makes it not awesome.

There are just way too many cool companies out there who are hiring, who are looking for great talent, and you just never heard of them.”

Listen to Bob’s full episode.

7. What is conscious capitalism with Jennifer Norman

Jennifer Norman, the founder of The Human Beauty Movement, talks about the dysfunctional reality of the beauty industry and conscious capitalism.

Learn Jennifer’s growth hack secret to building supportive communities while making sure that you are honoring people and the planet, and not just for short-term gains.

Here’s a sneak preview…

“And so one of the ways that I was I just knew that I wanted to hold myself accountable was becoming a B-Corp, as you mentioned in the opening.

Because being a B Corp is really the gold standard of social and environmental impact. 

And so, I knew that developing my core processes and aligning all of my stakeholders in my business was very important to fundamentally create an economy that was built on conscious capitalism and not just growth at any cost.”

Listen to Jennifer’s full episode.

8. Chris Berry

Chris Berry, the founder of The Hunters, talks about resilience and failure as a multiple startup founder.

Learn Chris’ growth hack secret to how mindset can help you even thrive even in the hardest situations.

Here’s a sneak preview…

“Every time something happens in your life, you learn a lesson from it. 

You move on, you learn how to stop that ever happening in the future. 

And it’s about me now becoming bulletproof to lose, to failure and the lessons.”

Listen to Chris’ full episode.

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