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In a Clubhouse room the other night, angel investor and venture capitalist David Rose proposed that there are three types of entrepreneurs. 

Type 1: circumstantial entrepreneurs trying to survive and get themselves out of poverty 

Type 2: natural-born entrepreneurs 

Type 3: self-made entrepreneurs 

David goes on to mention that he only invests in Type 2s. 

He later revealed that Type 2s are hypomanic. 

Hypomanic brains evaluate risk in different ways. 

They have a ton of energy and channel that towards wildly grand ambitions.

They often engage in risky behavior (such as living a rockstar life).

He suggested reading “The Hypomanic Edge” to get more insight into why hypomanic people make such remarkable entrepreneurs. 

In typical hypomanic fashion, I bought the book the same night and jumped into the rabbit hole. 

The book has been so validating for me, I’m hoping it is self-revealing to other Type 2s as well. 

What kind of entrepreneur are you? Are you Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3? 

Let me know in the comments.

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